My Top 4 Accessories for Summer

I wanted to share my 3 favorite summer accessories. You can mix and match these with skirts, pants, shorts, dresses – whatever fits your fancy this summer! Also, easy pieces to bring with you to change up an outfit when your traveling and save some room in your suitcase.

1. Stand out earrings


2. Cool Sneakers

Currently love these star ones by YSL. =


3. Summer Hat

Hats are my most favorite accessory to change up an outfit


4. Scarf

In the last photo you see my friend (her name is Jess as well) turned her scarf into a top. I used mine as a chic accessory around my neck. You can also style your scarf as a bracelet around your wrist. It be tied around your ponytail. Or as a headband to hold your hair back. And can also be tied around your bag as an accessory. A scarf is definitely the most versatile item!