When My Career Collapsed My Dream Career Came True


If you would have talked to me a couple years ago I would have considered myself:

  • A hardworker

  • A go getter

  • Defined myself off of my successful career in tech and making 6 figures in my 20s

  • I always considered myself a positive person. Liked yoga and was kind of into meditation, but wouldn’t consider myself “super spiritual”. If you mentioned something about astrology or anything of this nature I would roll my eyes

  • Considered myself practical and that it lead to my success

I thought a career of climbing the corporate ladder was success. But when I saw that it didn’t matter how successful you were by whatever “measurements” a company held. That integrity and authenticity wasn’t always something that was recognized and could actually be perceived as a threat. People would rather do something safe even though it wasn’t best for the customers, employees and company because they would rather do something that they could perceivably “control.” That was “safe.”

That was when I hit my rock bottom.

After 7 years in a career I thought was going to be my life — I couldn’t see a way happily forward in this career path. The career path I had defined myself off of. God bless the people who “tormented” me because they became my saving grace to take my power back. I only send them the best. I do not share this to gossip or complain, but to show you that no matter where you are, or what situation you are in, you can overcome it.

There are two sides to every story and I’m sure they were acting in a way that they thought they were protecting themselves when in reality they were only hurting themselves. Acting from lack. Fear. Control. This is a whole nother story I could get into around the atmospheres many companies create. (Listen to my podcast with Erin Claire, Forbes featured Human Design reader, for more on this).

My awakening through this situation made me realize I had given my power and validation away to the matrix. To everything around me. I am very discerning with 5 planets in Capricorn, I don’t give my validation away to just anyone ;). But I gave it away to external measures of success. My mom raised me off of intrinsic motivation. There was no payment or gifts for good grades. It was for internal appreciation of self. But even when you are intrinsically motivated — there are still other ways you may be controlled that you’re blind to.

Life wanted to teach me that the only person I needed validation from was myself. After I overcame this situation. Stayed positive through the help of friends, co-workers and some angels in the form of new friends that came into my life — life started to shift my perspective. I got back to myself. Started doing things that filled me up. Had the best and most fun adventurous summer of my life. I started filling myself up. Allowing life to fill me up and not place it on accolades from a career or external sources. One of my close friends encouraged me to start a fashion blog because I had always loved fashion, but never pursued it because my upbringing showed me traditional success couldn’t come through this medium. That pursuing the arts was “silly”. You’d be “poor”. All of this lack mentality. Labels. Fear. Control.

I started my blog on the side and got so much joy that I stayed up late at night and on weekends to work on it. 6 months later this lead me to being connected to an iconic designer who saw the potential in me and offered me to manage and represent her. This was the universe giving me the green light to move forward and giving me encouragement to follow my heart. A couple months prior, I had my first astrology reading (this person came highly recommend by a group of people I trust) and found out from my astrologist I was going through this thing called a “Saturn return” where your life gets flipped upside down basically. It’s always for the better, but can be a hard time if you decide to fight it instead of see the beauty in the lessons it shares with us. I walked out of that astrology reading in a sense of wonder. This astrologist was also an intuitive medium. I had been to other perceived psychics for fun with friends and left with the feeling of vague words that didn’t fully resonate (As a side note- going to psychics isn’t something I recommend. Only go to people you highly research and can trust — as the co-creator of your life you only need people who empower you not determine your fate and create co-dependency). Anyways, back to the Astrology. In this session, she told me things only my closest family members could have known about my past. And things she told me about what I was going through and what I was going to go through that couldn’t have been told by anyone, but I felt in my gut the validity of what she was saying. The understanding and the acceptance for who I was. To stop trying to be like everyone else and to be myself.

The best thing you can do for yourself is let go of what everyone else is telling you. People give us advice from their heart, but it’s blocked by all of their life experiences. Ego. Limitations they have experienced. It is also shaded by what’s good for them. It’s rare that someone can give you unbiased advice with complete detachment of what could be good for you.

We’re all unique beings and when we can truly see this and respect it we can transcend all labels.

When we can see that we are all on unique and beautiful paths, then we can stop trying to be like each other and shine without a second thought. Roses all bloom without thoughts of shrinking or lessening themselves. Even if you are in a similar field to someone else, you will do it in a unique way that only YOU can do it. When we can stop competing, and start working together, we will all win.

Whether you believe in astrology or not- if you’re feeling lost and looking for some advice on how to get inspiration for a step to get back to yourself (career wise) you can look at your 10th house or mid-heaven which is what they call it in astrology. Do it for fun to get your creative juices flowing. You can go to cafeastrology.com and input your birth info to see your full chart. Google what your 10th house represents for career. My sun sign is Aquarius, but my Mid-heaven is Gemini which rules communication and partnerships. Partnership management was my specialty in tech and what got me to fashion. It’s what I can do now for my own business.

I started my podcast because I wanted to find a way to give back to anyone going through a perceived hard or dark time in their life. After what I had gone through I wanted everyone to know that nothing is holding you back.You can achieve whatever you want. And since the mind likes to see real life examples, I started to interview people from every field with all different backgrounds to show that we can all overcome the same things. That we all have the same “problems” or “perceived setbacks”, but when we set our mind on the fact that we ARE going to do something no matter what; then that is when we can get past all the things holding us back. I decided to start including people that could give us more tools to become more conscious humans in creating our reality. My podcast is called Reverie Vie: Create Your Reality — available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I started to interview others to help us clear out the subconscious because the subconscious can hold us back.

The ego can hold us back. I learned from Shaman Durek the truth of the ego. The ego isn’t bad, but it is there to protect us. It waits for us to tell it what to do. If we say that life is hard, or that life is always this way. It will create all these scenarios to prove us right. We are the actor and director of our life. So if we want a different reality we need to start editing our thoughts and producing it in a different way. I learned about this through Dr. Joe Dispenza as well 4 years ago through his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, where he has done much research on the topic. But I found reading and learning about these topics — I now take them in on a completely different level than I did when I first read them. I find that even when something is profound, it has an even greater meaning when we go back to it later because we have grown to perceive it in a new way as well. Dr. Joe Dispenza started his journey first by healing himself. There is also an amazing documentary about this on Netflix called “Heal” which I highly recommend.

Back to the subconscious, 90% of our beliefs are solidified by the age of 7. So much of our beliefs of what we can do and what is possible is solidified at such a young age. This is all determined by our surroundings and society. No blame or shame on family or society because they are all a product of their history and so on. But you have the chance to break the cycle for yourself and others. To be an example — a beacon of light. We can all succeed. I hope my story brings light to this.

I’m doing this now through my podcast and helping other to shift their perspectives. The best messages I get are when people send me a note telling me that I have changed their thoughts and perspectives. Opened their mind to a new way. That I’ve made a positive impact on their life. To me that is the greatest gift.

I’m starting something this year to help you in a more profound way, so stay tuned. You can subscribe on my website reverievie.com so you’re kept up to date when this releases.

Sending everyone so much love on your journey whatever stage you are in. If you’re at a tough point right now- it’s life pushing you to take the next step to receive what you’ve been asking for. Life will continue to push us because it only wants the best for us. Know that you are the light and getting back to what lights you up is the key to self discovery. For inspiration, look at your midheaven in astrology whether you believe in astrology or not. Not because this is the only thing you can do in your life, but it can spark ideas for you. Start doing things for fun. Think of 6 impossible things before breakfast like Shaman Durek told me which he got from Alice and Wonderland. I created a pdf sharing How to Change Your Career in 5 Easy Steps. You get this when you subscribe to my newsletter. But really, all you have to do is start. Stay curious and open. Think about what you would do all day long, but think no one would pay you for. Think about something that everyone in your life always comes to you for.

Sending everyone love. Comment and let me know a profound change you’ve gone through in your life.

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Xo Jess