My Visit to Istanbul and Cappadocia

I had an amazing adventure in Turkey experiencing the diverse and rich cutlure. I was able to visit both Istanbul and Cappadocia. I say it was an adventure because two days after we entered the country they stopped giving visas to America’s due to increased tensions between the US and Turkey. Luckily, we were okay to safely stay and still enjoy the country. One of our tour guides was joking with us saying we were famous “as the last American’s in Turkey ;).” 

The people of Turkey were very kind and welcoming to us. Istanbul is a large metropolitan city with diversity in every aspect. It is beyond any stereotype you may mention. We also visited the kind owner of Yoruk Collection. They employ a jewelry designer who has created jewelry for many of the Hollywood movies like Lord of the Rings and The Other Boleyn Girl.

Below is snapshot of my trip.


X Jess

How Kelvin Harris Is Designing For All


Kelvin, Chicago Fashion Designer, discusses how Chicago differs from other fashion markets. How he got into the fashion industry, his advice for designers just starting out, and how he designs for different body types!

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