Emotions Don’t Need a Reason

They are meant to be felt.


We attribute emotions to current situations not realizing they are past emotions looking to leave us. Fear, doubt, worry, sadness - all emotions looking to leave us- be cleared- but we hold onto them thinking that they have to do with our current situation. Our 3D mind attributes them to it, but the truth is it has nothing to do with it. It’s using this situation to process emotions we already held inside. I realized once we clear what is already held inside we can step into anything without the fear, doubt, sadness or worry because we won’t hold onto the feeling anymore. 

This has been a huge mindset shift for me. Instead of trying to analyze and need a reason for each emotion that is popping up. I got this download in the middle of the night during my retreat last week, Me and my roommate were talking about the emotions we were processing. My 3D mind wanted to create a story about these emotions that were being released and attribute them to something in my current timeline. It wanted to create a why. Our 3D minds are really clever. It pulls in stories that aren’t ours to make us believe that we are feeling this way because of a certain belief or situation.

This download was so profound for me. I got the message that holding on to emotions leads to drowning. Stagnation. Inflammation. Ownership of something that doesn’t belong to us. Letting go allows flow. Sharing. Circulation. Freedom. ❤️✨ Sovereignty 

It lead me through a really cool experience. I got to see how the mind can make up an entire story for feelings of fear, anger, or sadness. But I looked back at my first feeling when I was told something, and my first feeling was joy and excitement. So all these emotions that were trying to be released had nothing to do with my the situation I was attributing them to. 

It showed me how the mind justifies emotions - justifies everything we are feeling for this 3D experience - trying to explain something it doesn’t understand - something that isn’t meant to be understood but felt.

For me, my intuition is my first feeling. It’s my truth. It’s how I am able to decipher what I should follow versus what is programming, or old things coming up to be released. Ours minds can be really good story tellers. Telling us this whole story that we start to believe it. It tells us stories about everything.

Once you realize the gravity of this, you start to realize how emotions have nothing to do with us on a larger scale. How others feel is how they already felt inside. And a situation is used to just bring up and process. If this emotion wasn’t already inside then they couldn’t have felt it. This is how bullying and other situations can happen because this person is attributing their stuck emotion onto you. Thinking you caused it. I’m so grateful to have experienced this example while gaining the clarity within 24 hours. I got to see the pain and suffering that many go through when believing a story. How it is only painful when we hold on instead of letting it go. Giving it our attention to be healed, but realizing it isn’t our truth. That we have a choice. I have such empathy for all on every part of the equation.

What I have learned is it is okay to just feel your emotions without having to explain them. Let them past like waves of the ocean not needing to justify them. Let them come and go with all the beauty - it’s only when we hold on and attach to them or make them ours. That we drown. So let them go, and when they are gone you’re left with your truth. With your freedom 

What do individual emotions mean?

Shyness comes from a lot of unprocessed fear. 

We don’t own any emotion, but they have been attributed to us from birth- so we hold onto it like we own it. We don’t own it. No emotion belongs to us. Nothing belongs to us. It’s like a paint box or tool kit we get to use. 

To diagnos someone with depression. To say you are depressed. To diagnosis someone with an emotion. As if they own it and it is what they are. It is not them! They are feeling it and are letting it go. We don’t diagnose someone with happiness or excitement. Even to make them stay in an emotion. We aren’t meant to hold on or stay or attribute something as we are. It’s a state that we are meant to flow through without attachment.

Letting go means of emotions - we attach to emotions. To people or things that we believe give us a certain emotion. They are just tools for expressing the emotion. That is why Joe Dispenza and others have done research on feeling an emotion to programmed your field. To feel an emotions prior to the situation you want to attract. To feel the way you want this situation you are manifesting to make you feel before it happens. Everything starts within. You can’t feel a certain way unless it already exists inside of you. Rethink your life. Start to realize is it the person or are they gifting me the experience of this emotion to be released.

No one can tell us how we should feel or the wise way to feel. I learned we can program and choose our emotions. Even if something is going to make me go through emotions-  why do I have to feel nervous? Or feel about it what someone would consider is a “smart” emotion. If someone chooses to feel a certain way, then I honor them. But it’s a choice. To say one emotion is wiser than the other is the lie we have all been growing up with. All emotions carry wisdom. It’s our role here to feel them without holding on them. Carrying them. Can you let them go?

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How do you ride the waves of emotion?

xo Jessica