Creating Space To Allow New Energy In

Had an epiphany last night on one thing I had been doing that had created so much abundance in my life. Something that I had never realized or seen the direct link between before.


Creating space can be through letting go of material things, clearing our space, but also through friends or relationships that aren’t serving us anymore. When we let go of relationships in our life that don’t align with where we are going - we create space for what we have been calling in. I had never noticed before, but I was shown clearly that whenever I had let go of old friendships, relationships, or situations that didn’t serve me anymore. The new thing that was waiting to come in, could come through. Sometimes the same day (mind blown). Literally. Looking back at the past two years. I had a falling out with a friend that wasn’t serving my highest good. My authentic truth. Seeing the situation for what I thought it could be vs. what it was. Had spoken my truth and my feelings on a situation that lead to a falling out. The next day I met someone who became one of the closest friends of my life. Someone who was like a sister to me. I was then shown the example of when I moved to LA, I released some more situations. Moving to LA I was able to meet people so easily and had one of the easiest transitions to a new city.

I just had a situation happen to me yesterday. It’s been one that I have always been seeing the potential of and not seeing what was really there even though (even though I always knew in my gut). I was shown that this situation was blocking me from letting what wanted to come in, and letting go of it was the final block. The final boulder to bringing in what wants to come through. What I have been asking for. Being honest with ourselves and seeing a situation for what it really is - is the best way for us to serve ourselves and all others involved. As spiritual people we sometimes want to see people for who they could be, instead of who they are. Everyone is a good person. We can care about people. But we have to be honest with ourselves and see if a situation is serving our highest good. If it is in alignment with who we are as a self aware being. With what we want to create in the world. And if it isn’t, then it’s time for us to move on from it. It doesn’t have to be a big ceremony or anything said. But energetically. It’s time to create boundaries for yourself. We are either creating or destroying. Every moment we have the opportunity to create the life we want by what we are putting energy into.

What are you putting energy into? Do they align with the life that you are saying you want to create? Would removing this allow you to bring in that which you have been calling in?

I have to say I am most grateful for self-awareness. For becoming the best version of myself everyday. For removing all the layers that aren’t me. For the self aware friends that have come into my life.

By becoming our best selves is how we will change the world. So excited for what’s to come and excited to continue with you all on this journey.

xo Jessica

We have always have to take inventory and see if we are holding to situations because we want them to be a certain way vs, what they really are. I always see the highest good in everyone. But I am learning to  accept people for where they are at and allow them to be where they. We cannot help everyone and we are Krist meant to. Everyone has there own life journey and it’s about honoring where they are at. I am focusing on myself and my journey. And whoever needs what I had to share will find me. 

Look at your life. Are you holding on to a situation that is no longer serving you. Have you been calling in something new in your life? It may be waiting to come through. Doesn’t mean we can’t love these people. But you have to love and honor yourself and what you need. Creating boundaries and respecting yourself and what you need. Allows the universe to then bring in what you have been asking for.