Emotions Don’t Need a Reason

They are meant to be felt.


We attribute emotions to current situations not realizing they are past emotions looking to leave us. Fear, doubt, worry, sadness - all emotions looking to leave us- be cleared- but we hold onto them thinking that they have to do with our current situation. Our 3D mind attributes them to it, but the truth is it has nothing to do with it. It’s using this situation to process emotions we already held inside. I realized once we clear what is already held inside we can step into anything without the fear, doubt, sadness or worry because we won’t hold onto the feeling anymore. 

This has been a huge mindset shift for me. Instead of trying to analyze and need a reason for each emotion that is popping up. I got this download in the middle of the night during my retreat last week, Me and my roommate were talking about the emotions we were processing. My 3D mind wanted to create a story about these emotions that were being released and attribute them to something in my current timeline. It wanted to create a why. Our 3D minds are really clever. It pulls in stories that aren’t ours to make us believe that we are feeling this way because of a certain belief or situation.

This download was so profound for me. I got the message that holding on to emotions leads to drowning. Stagnation. Inflammation. Ownership of something that doesn’t belong to us. Letting go allows flow. Sharing. Circulation. Freedom. ❤️✨ Sovereignty 

It lead me through a really cool experience. I got to see how the mind can make up an entire story for feelings of fear, anger, or sadness. But I looked back at my first feeling when I was told something, and my first feeling was joy and excitement. So all these emotions that were trying to be released had nothing to do with my the situation I was attributing them to. 

It showed me how the mind justifies emotions - justifies everything we are feeling for this 3D experience - trying to explain something it doesn’t understand - something that isn’t meant to be understood but felt.

For me, my intuition is my first feeling. It’s my truth. It’s how I am able to decipher what I should follow versus what is programming, or old things coming up to be released. Ours minds can be really good story tellers. Telling us this whole story that we start to believe it. It tells us stories about everything.

Once you realize the gravity of this, you start to realize how emotions have nothing to do with us on a larger scale. How others feel is how they already felt inside. And a situation is used to just bring up and process. If this emotion wasn’t already inside then they couldn’t have felt it. This is how bullying and other situations can happen because this person is attributing their stuck emotion onto you. Thinking you caused it. I’m so grateful to have experienced this example while gaining the clarity within 24 hours. I got to see the pain and suffering that many go through when believing a story. How it is only painful when we hold on instead of letting it go. Giving it our attention to be healed, but realizing it isn’t our truth. That we have a choice. I have such empathy for all on every part of the equation.

What I have learned is it is okay to just feel your emotions without having to explain them. Let them past like waves of the ocean not needing to justify them. Let them come and go with all the beauty - it’s only when we hold on and attach to them or make them ours. That we drown. So let them go, and when they are gone you’re left with your truth. With your freedom 

What do individual emotions mean?

Shyness comes from a lot of unprocessed fear. 

We don’t own any emotion, but they have been attributed to us from birth- so we hold onto it like we own it. We don’t own it. No emotion belongs to us. Nothing belongs to us. It’s like a paint box or tool kit we get to use. 

To diagnos someone with depression. To say you are depressed. To diagnosis someone with an emotion. As if they own it and it is what they are. It is not them! They are feeling it and are letting it go. We don’t diagnose someone with happiness or excitement. Even to make them stay in an emotion. We aren’t meant to hold on or stay or attribute something as we are. It’s a state that we are meant to flow through without attachment.

Letting go means of emotions - we attach to emotions. To people or things that we believe give us a certain emotion. They are just tools for expressing the emotion. That is why Joe Dispenza and others have done research on feeling an emotion to programmed your field. To feel an emotions prior to the situation you want to attract. To feel the way you want this situation you are manifesting to make you feel before it happens. Everything starts within. You can’t feel a certain way unless it already exists inside of you. Rethink your life. Start to realize is it the person or are they gifting me the experience of this emotion to be released.

No one can tell us how we should feel or the wise way to feel. I learned we can program and choose our emotions. Even if something is going to make me go through emotions-  why do I have to feel nervous? Or feel about it what someone would consider is a “smart” emotion. If someone chooses to feel a certain way, then I honor them. But it’s a choice. To say one emotion is wiser than the other is the lie we have all been growing up with. All emotions carry wisdom. It’s our role here to feel them without holding on them. Carrying them. Can you let them go?

If you’re looking for way to move past old emotions. Old blocks. And program your field consciously. I’d be honored to co-create an energetic reprogramming with you. You can check out the options under my Energetic Resets tab here.

How do you ride the waves of emotion?

xo Jessica

Creating Space To Allow New Energy In

Had an epiphany last night on one thing I had been doing that had created so much abundance in my life. Something that I had never realized or seen the direct link between before.


Creating space can be through letting go of material things, clearing our space, but also through friends or relationships that aren’t serving us anymore. When we let go of relationships in our life that don’t align with where we are going - we create space for what we have been calling in. I had never noticed before, but I was shown clearly that whenever I had let go of old friendships, relationships, or situations that didn’t serve me anymore. The new thing that was waiting to come in, could come through. Sometimes the same day (mind blown). Literally. Looking back at the past two years. I had a falling out with a friend that wasn’t serving my highest good. My authentic truth. Seeing the situation for what I thought it could be vs. what it was. Had spoken my truth and my feelings on a situation that lead to a falling out. The next day I met someone who became one of the closest friends of my life. Someone who was like a sister to me. I was then shown the example of when I moved to LA, I released some more situations. Moving to LA I was able to meet people so easily and had one of the easiest transitions to a new city.

I just had a situation happen to me yesterday. It’s been one that I have always been seeing the potential of and not seeing what was really there even though (even though I always knew in my gut). I was shown that this situation was blocking me from letting what wanted to come in, and letting go of it was the final block. The final boulder to bringing in what wants to come through. What I have been asking for. Being honest with ourselves and seeing a situation for what it really is - is the best way for us to serve ourselves and all others involved. As spiritual people we sometimes want to see people for who they could be, instead of who they are. Everyone is a good person. We can care about people. But we have to be honest with ourselves and see if a situation is serving our highest good. If it is in alignment with who we are as a self aware being. With what we want to create in the world. And if it isn’t, then it’s time for us to move on from it. It doesn’t have to be a big ceremony or anything said. But energetically. It’s time to create boundaries for yourself. We are either creating or destroying. Every moment we have the opportunity to create the life we want by what we are putting energy into.

What are you putting energy into? Do they align with the life that you are saying you want to create? Would removing this allow you to bring in that which you have been calling in?

I have to say I am most grateful for self-awareness. For becoming the best version of myself everyday. For removing all the layers that aren’t me. For the self aware friends that have come into my life.

By becoming our best selves is how we will change the world. So excited for what’s to come and excited to continue with you all on this journey.

xo Jessica

We have always have to take inventory and see if we are holding to situations because we want them to be a certain way vs, what they really are. I always see the highest good in everyone. But I am learning to  accept people for where they are at and allow them to be where they. We cannot help everyone and we are Krist meant to. Everyone has there own life journey and it’s about honoring where they are at. I am focusing on myself and my journey. And whoever needs what I had to share will find me. 

Look at your life. Are you holding on to a situation that is no longer serving you. Have you been calling in something new in your life? It may be waiting to come through. Doesn’t mean we can’t love these people. But you have to love and honor yourself and what you need. Creating boundaries and respecting yourself and what you need. Allows the universe to then bring in what you have been asking for. 

Looking for Others to Recognize You?

Photo by David Stenbeck @dovneon on instagram

Photo by David Stenbeck @dovneon on instagram

Tell you what you can do? What you can achieve? How can they when they don’t know who you truly are and what you can do? You are the only one who can determine that.

How do you expect others to recognize you if they don’t have the wisdom you have?

We see our reflection in others. There were time in my life when I wasn’t recognizing myself. It’s still something I bring awareness too. I knew what I had to offer, but I wasn't owning it. Seeing it in myself. Still giving away my power to those I loved around me. They saw beautiful things in me, but not the extent of my capacity and what I could do. I don’t need to follow a traditional or “safe” life in a corporate. I can say with confidence now that I’m not meant to. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a corporate life. That could be many people’s path and be very fulfilling. The thing we have to check in with is our internal compass and why we are doing something. Is it bringing joy? If not then we aren’t doing it for the right reason. For example - there are basketball players who love basketball so much and do it for the joy. Who are grateful. They are the ones that take time to sign autographs and give back. Then there are those who do it for the money or fame or because it makes their family “proud” of them. They are the ones that get lost in the image. Feel entitled to things because they “worked hard for it.” The resulting difference in true happiness inside is varied by these two examples. Not to judge as one way is good or bad. We all have done something of the sort in some area of our life. There is a difference in confidence and self worth and needing praise as validation. The person that is free in this scenario is doing this because it’s what they want to do. They are getting joy from this situation. Giving and Receiving.

The money will follow your true bliss. You will be cared for. Money is about flow. Allowing. Giving. And receiving. Not meant to control. Come from fear. Scarcity. Lack. There are millionaires and billionaires who are still poor. There are people who make money, but keep having to buy more things so they always remain poor. I saw this in corporate too. Saw managers wanting to keep the people in sales “hungry” by telling them to buy these big cars and houses once they got a large paycheck so their money would be gone again. There’s no judgment. You can have whatever you want. But do it for you. Not for others or for validation. I recently sold all of my designer things that I felt were controlling me. Things I had, but weren’t bringing me happiness. I only kept the pieces that I wasn’t attached too and if it got taken or I lost it I wouldn’t care. I realized I was so attached to a Chanel bag. Worrying about the logistics of traveling with it and leaving it behind. It was a symbol of my “hardwork” in corporate. I had always wanted a Chanel bag loving fashion growing up. But when I had it I felt like I should feel more happiness inside. But I felt nothing. It’s a pretty purse. Good quality. But I thought I should feel something more. I had always thought this would be the one thing I would keep forever. It was a surprise to me when I realized this was why I had to get rid of it. I didn’t want it controlling me. Am I saying I will never get Chanel or designer things again. I don’t know. I’m just releasing all attachment to things. I don’t want anything to own me. I will get something if I like it because I like it. But never become attached. This isn’t hate on designer things. I still have designer items. I like things that are good quality and will last. That are sustainable. But I’m not attached to it. If a Chanel purse really brings you joy then get it. Not telling everyone to get rid of things. But this bag was just a symbol really. It didn’t make me happy. As I cleaned out my closet I kept only the things that brought me joy - not because of what others would think but because I liked it. I got rid of things based on whether it did something for me instead of being based on is this a good investment or this purse is better etc.

Do it for you.

If something is owning you then you’re not free. If there are scarcity and lack programs then they will always exist no matter how much money you make. If you’re able to do work on it now - you’ll change the course of your life. To overcome this misconceptions will heal you from the inside out and allow you to creste a healthy relationship with money. You deserve whatever you want. You don’t have to be ashamed to want things or to be comfortable. It doesn’t mean you’re not a good person. It’s time to eliminate this frame of mind. This judgement on ourself and others. We need to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves how we want others to treat us. We are not meant to hoard and hold onto. It’s a reflection of not letting go of something inside. We don’t need things to prove our worth. They never will prove it to us. We are worthy because we are. I’m sorry that society made you believe that you had to do something to be worthy. You don’t need to do anything. You are worthy because you exist. Money, status, fame doesn’t prove it. And it will never achieve it for you unless you believe it inside. When you do believe it inside you will attract to you things that prove it in your reality because it resonates with your internal beliefs. But it’s about the inside matching the outside. Life is a mirror. Within and without. As above so below. 

Xo Jess 

Be a Spiritual Scientist

True spirituality is being a scientist.


It is about using discernment.

Testing out and experiencing different modalities to find ones that have proven effects for you. As humans we have limited technology in this time that we rely on. Much of what is released and study is with agenda of who is paying for it and promoting it. Studies that are backed by companies. It’s important that you stay curious and do your research. Always see what works for you. I’ve done my own studies of many modalities. I’ve have found “spiritual healing practices” used by many different practitioners all explaining the same thing in different ways and all of these having massive effects beyond what our “proven science” tells us. When I see this - that for me is common sense. That for me is what works. Why would I spend time doing something else when this works? Taking drugs for symptoms when I can get to the core of what needs to be healed. That is why spirituality is true science for me because it goes to the core. It does add a patch. A medication. Give it a label as a disease to mitigate - to live with. Instead they see what we have done to create the disease. What belief. It gives us back our power. I have seen people heal anything you could imagine. I have seen people overcome their own limiting beliefs to achieve their goals in health, wealth, and love. Life is simple - we are the ones that complicate it by trying to think and be “clever.” To do the “logical” thing. I used to be like that. Conceptualizing things and doing “the smart” or “right thing”. But the smart of right thing can be hijacked. It is all just an opinion at the end of the day. The brain is like a computer and it can argue anything. It depends on the level your vibrating at. What information you have available to you. Many laws of the past were doing the right thing. Or the good thing as far as their perception, but we look back at it today asking “how could one do that.” Well it was because they were doing their best with the information they had. Everyone is. It’s best to ask yourself how do you feel. Do you feel that something is wrong inside, but you’re doing it because you’re “supposed to” or it “makes sense”? This is something that we have to consistently check in on internally because we are so programmed. 95% of what we do is subconscious, so how can we say we are relying on the brain and what studies say when our actions and findings are mostly subconscious? We all have to seek out practices that clear this. That put us back in the drivers seat of our life. For when we are clearing out our computer cache per say of these programs. Restarting at the factory settings of birth. Then we can have a clear field to stay curious and really see what is right for us. And not hold judgement that someone else may choose something different that is right for them. We see the bigger picture and we move out of duality and see that there are so many options. Not just the ones that have been “presented.”

What is right for you?

How I Changed My Life


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The subconscious is a crazy beautiful thing. Did you know most of the population is only operating at 1% concious behavior. 3-5% for the more awakened. 97-99% are subconscious beliefs that were ingrained before the age of 7. That means most of your beliefs that you are living now were locked in by 6. What if you could reset your factory settings to become whole brained? Make sure you are not sabotaging yourself or programming yourself unintentionally for disease or aliments. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

With PSYCH-K you can. After getting my advanced certification my life will never be the same. We are able to identify things conciously, but do you believe the same subconsciously? I was shocked to find some beliefs my subconscious was holding against myself. After balancing for these - I cured myself of seasonal allergies. I’ve had allergies since the age of 7. When I arrived in NYC last week I was feeling sick from all the pollen. Couldn’t breathe well on the plane or at night when I was trying to sleep. Was inflamed. After reprogramming, the next day I had perfectly clear breathing. No medication involved. For the first time in my life since I was a kid, I’m taking no allergy medicine. My system isn’t attacking myself anymore 🤯. Mine is one of many stories, and the people I’m working with have their own stories that blow me away everyday. Through PSYCH-K we can talk directly to the subconscious and give you back your power. Put you in the drivers seat. Modern medicine is great, but most times they are only focused on treating the symptoms. Not the core beliefs of why the system is attacking itself. That is why we have so many unexplained diseases. Increases in cancer. That’s why there is so much malfunctioning in the world because there is a malfunctioning in thinking. It gives you more compassion for everyone because everyone is operating at the level they know best through their lens of life.  Just think - you got this far in your life with a malfunctioning system- can you imagine life with everything at optimal settings? This is life with PSYCH-K.

Video on the effects of reprogramming the mind: https://youtu.be/eB-vh6VWdcM