Loving All Aspects of Self


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

- Gandi

This saying always resonated with me, but now it resonates on an incredibly deeper level. As we come back to sayings again and again we start to understand them in a new way. As our perspectives change we can understand them from a different view point.

Through massive shifts in my life that made me question everything, I realized it was time for me to turn inward. This saying by Gandi is now repeating back to me what I have learned - the only way to make a change in the world is to heal yourself. If something is triggering us on the outside it is because there is an aspect of us that it resonates with. I talk about how the energy of “resonance” works in my podcast episode coming out next week.

I have spent most of my life as a support system to all of those around me. I have a wonderful family and supportive friends. And I, like many, have grown up with this notion of needing to be there for everyone else. Of needing to fix things. Go out and make change in the world. 

The most important thing we can do though is to go inside. Love ourselves. When did loving yourself become selfish? Why is there so much shame around this. Around saying this? It’s the most loving thing we can do. If we cannot love and honor ourselves for who we truly are. All aspects of self. Then how can we love others? If we cannot love our shadow aspects, the part of us that we were told to reject then we will continue to see things in duality. Good vs. bad. Us vs. them. Worthy vs. unworthy. All of these beliefs are stored in the subconscious. It’s little things like this that lead to hate, judgement, wars, and killings. That lead to judgment and persecution. That lead to numbing ourselves to the world around us. Because if we can ignore ourselves. Not give love to ourselves. Judge ourselves. Not have compassion for ourselves. Then of course we can do it to others.  

The best thing we can all do for ourselves and the planet is to heal ourselves. Be the parent that we each needed. We are seeking love from ourselves, but keep on neglecting ourselves and telling ourselves that it isn’t important. Do you hear that little girl or little boy inside of you calling for your attention?

I’ve started keeping track of my dreams and shared this channeled message I received in an Instagram post recently. The message I received was:

“The love we all seek is self love. We are all trying to get back to the unconditional love from source that we all felt before coming here. That we know to be true. Yes, we choose to experience love in relationships. But, knowing we are source is the main love we are trying to get back to.”

The most important work I ever did was going inside. Getting back to who I was. Integrating all the aspects of myself I had neglected. Going inside and remembering who I was. Who I was when I was born. Getting back to myself. It was by going inside that I found myself again. That I freed myself. That I gave myself permission to do what lights me up. To bring joy to myself. And by filling myself up, I am now able to fill others up in an even better way than before. It’s like the airplane safety analogy of putting on your oxygen mask before you put the oxygen mask on your child. We all have these great innate gifts. By going inside we remember and realize what brings us joy. What lights us up is how we can also serve others. If you don’t know where to start. What do with your life. Going inside and getting back to yourself. Starting to follow your heart again is the first step.

Your feelings are valid. You have your feelings for a reason. The time of running from them is gone. It’s the way to truly heal.

I am here sharing what has worked for me and others. Sharing my story and my voice. As I eliminate the false fear programming I integrate more aspects of self everyday. I watched a video the other day on my Lumurian sister’s channel called Children of the Cosmos. She talked about sharing your authenic truth. She said how not speaking up about what you believe in whether it’s your spiritual practice or whatever core beliefs that you know to be true - how you are still running a fear program. It could be fear of judgment from your peers. Co-wokers. Family. People on the internet. All of this is fear. Us not living our authentic truth. If you’re reading this – this was the sign you have been waiting for. Share your authentic truth. It’s what you came here to do and you wouldn’t be honoring yourself or others who are waiting to hear this message by not sharing. It doesn’t mean you have to scream it in the streets, or force others to believe your truth. But just to stand in your truth. Not live half lives with different people. We can live in a world where we can choose to believe different things and accept each other. To know that we are each sovereign beings and have love for each other. We are each seeing things from our own level of understanding. And when your perspective shifts so does your view.

I’m now planning on doing a podcast on my spiritual journey because I really haven’t shared the whole thing yet. Just to select groups. I realized I wan’t looking at this aspect. There may be people telling you not to share. It doesn’t mean they are not speaking with compassion, but they are just sharing what frightens them. Taking our power back means doing what we believe in without putting the power in other’s hands. Taking responsibilities for all of our choices. Not blaming those around us, but having compassion for where they are at. Being curious. Being an observer. In past lives or current lives, we may have been prosecuted for sharing our truth. It’s time to heal the past with love. Know that you are safe and you are loved. By going inside and giving ourselves love - loving ourselves for all that we are - then we are able to share our truth no matter what because we know we love ourselves. That we are enough. We are not sharing for approval, but because it is who we are. Who we came here to be. You have infinite love inside of you. There is no bypassing this and just saying that everything is “love and light” like you may here in the spiritual community. The only way to integrate is by doing our own shadow work. If you’re interested in methodologies around this you can go to my about page where I share what has worked for me. 

 Know you have beautiful guides all around you supporting you. Your ancestors. Your tribe. I’m sending all of you infinite love, support and compassion for wherever you are. You are at the perfect place and where you are is where you are meant to be. Be easy on yourself. Life is truly magic when we choose to see it.

Xo Jess