Emotions Don’t Need a Reason

They are meant to be felt.


We attribute emotions to current situations not realizing they are past emotions looking to leave us. Fear, doubt, worry, sadness - all emotions looking to leave us- be cleared- but we hold onto them thinking that they have to do with our current situation. Our 3D mind attributes them to it, but the truth is it has nothing to do with it. It’s using this situation to process emotions we already held inside. I realized once we clear what is already held inside we can step into anything without the fear, doubt, sadness or worry because we won’t hold onto the feeling anymore. 

This has been a huge mindset shift for me. Instead of trying to analyze and need a reason for each emotion that is popping up. I got this download in the middle of the night during my retreat last week, Me and my roommate were talking about the emotions we were processing. My 3D mind wanted to create a story about these emotions that were being released and attribute them to something in my current timeline. It wanted to create a why. Our 3D minds are really clever. It pulls in stories that aren’t ours to make us believe that we are feeling this way because of a certain belief or situation.

This download was so profound for me. I got the message that holding on to emotions leads to drowning. Stagnation. Inflammation. Ownership of something that doesn’t belong to us. Letting go allows flow. Sharing. Circulation. Freedom. ❤️✨ Sovereignty 

It lead me through a really cool experience. I got to see how the mind can make up an entire story for feelings of fear, anger, or sadness. But I looked back at my first feeling when I was told something, and my first feeling was joy and excitement. So all these emotions that were trying to be released had nothing to do with my the situation I was attributing them to. 

It showed me how the mind justifies emotions - justifies everything we are feeling for this 3D experience - trying to explain something it doesn’t understand - something that isn’t meant to be understood but felt.

For me, my intuition is my first feeling. It’s my truth. It’s how I am able to decipher what I should follow versus what is programming, or old things coming up to be released. Ours minds can be really good story tellers. Telling us this whole story that we start to believe it. It tells us stories about everything.

Once you realize the gravity of this, you start to realize how emotions have nothing to do with us on a larger scale. How others feel is how they already felt inside. And a situation is used to just bring up and process. If this emotion wasn’t already inside then they couldn’t have felt it. This is how bullying and other situations can happen because this person is attributing their stuck emotion onto you. Thinking you caused it. I’m so grateful to have experienced this example while gaining the clarity within 24 hours. I got to see the pain and suffering that many go through when believing a story. How it is only painful when we hold on instead of letting it go. Giving it our attention to be healed, but realizing it isn’t our truth. That we have a choice. I have such empathy for all on every part of the equation.

What I have learned is it is okay to just feel your emotions without having to explain them. Let them past like waves of the ocean not needing to justify them. Let them come and go with all the beauty - it’s only when we hold on and attach to them or make them ours. That we drown. So let them go, and when they are gone you’re left with your truth. With your freedom 

What do individual emotions mean?

Shyness comes from a lot of unprocessed fear. 

We don’t own any emotion, but they have been attributed to us from birth- so we hold onto it like we own it. We don’t own it. No emotion belongs to us. Nothing belongs to us. It’s like a paint box or tool kit we get to use. 

To diagnos someone with depression. To say you are depressed. To diagnosis someone with an emotion. As if they own it and it is what they are. It is not them! They are feeling it and are letting it go. We don’t diagnose someone with happiness or excitement. Even to make them stay in an emotion. We aren’t meant to hold on or stay or attribute something as we are. It’s a state that we are meant to flow through without attachment.

Letting go means of emotions - we attach to emotions. To people or things that we believe give us a certain emotion. They are just tools for expressing the emotion. That is why Joe Dispenza and others have done research on feeling an emotion to programmed your field. To feel an emotions prior to the situation you want to attract. To feel the way you want this situation you are manifesting to make you feel before it happens. Everything starts within. You can’t feel a certain way unless it already exists inside of you. Rethink your life. Start to realize is it the person or are they gifting me the experience of this emotion to be released.

No one can tell us how we should feel or the wise way to feel. I learned we can program and choose our emotions. Even if something is going to make me go through emotions-  why do I have to feel nervous? Or feel about it what someone would consider is a “smart” emotion. If someone chooses to feel a certain way, then I honor them. But it’s a choice. To say one emotion is wiser than the other is the lie we have all been growing up with. All emotions carry wisdom. It’s our role here to feel them without holding on them. Carrying them. Can you let them go?

If you’re looking for way to move past old emotions. Old blocks. And program your field consciously. I’d be honored to co-create an energetic reprogramming with you. You can check out the options under my Energetic Resets tab here.

How do you ride the waves of emotion?

xo Jessica

Creating Space To Allow New Energy In

Had an epiphany last night on one thing I had been doing that had created so much abundance in my life. Something that I had never realized or seen the direct link between before.


Creating space can be through letting go of material things, clearing our space, but also through friends or relationships that aren’t serving us anymore. When we let go of relationships in our life that don’t align with where we are going - we create space for what we have been calling in. I had never noticed before, but I was shown clearly that whenever I had let go of old friendships, relationships, or situations that didn’t serve me anymore. The new thing that was waiting to come in, could come through. Sometimes the same day (mind blown). Literally. Looking back at the past two years. I had a falling out with a friend that wasn’t serving my highest good. My authentic truth. Seeing the situation for what I thought it could be vs. what it was. Had spoken my truth and my feelings on a situation that lead to a falling out. The next day I met someone who became one of the closest friends of my life. Someone who was like a sister to me. I was then shown the example of when I moved to LA, I released some more situations. Moving to LA I was able to meet people so easily and had one of the easiest transitions to a new city.

I just had a situation happen to me yesterday. It’s been one that I have always been seeing the potential of and not seeing what was really there even though (even though I always knew in my gut). I was shown that this situation was blocking me from letting what wanted to come in, and letting go of it was the final block. The final boulder to bringing in what wants to come through. What I have been asking for. Being honest with ourselves and seeing a situation for what it really is - is the best way for us to serve ourselves and all others involved. As spiritual people we sometimes want to see people for who they could be, instead of who they are. Everyone is a good person. We can care about people. But we have to be honest with ourselves and see if a situation is serving our highest good. If it is in alignment with who we are as a self aware being. With what we want to create in the world. And if it isn’t, then it’s time for us to move on from it. It doesn’t have to be a big ceremony or anything said. But energetically. It’s time to create boundaries for yourself. We are either creating or destroying. Every moment we have the opportunity to create the life we want by what we are putting energy into.

What are you putting energy into? Do they align with the life that you are saying you want to create? Would removing this allow you to bring in that which you have been calling in?

I have to say I am most grateful for self-awareness. For becoming the best version of myself everyday. For removing all the layers that aren’t me. For the self aware friends that have come into my life.

By becoming our best selves is how we will change the world. So excited for what’s to come and excited to continue with you all on this journey.

xo Jessica

We have always have to take inventory and see if we are holding to situations because we want them to be a certain way vs, what they really are. I always see the highest good in everyone. But I am learning to  accept people for where they are at and allow them to be where they. We cannot help everyone and we are Krist meant to. Everyone has there own life journey and it’s about honoring where they are at. I am focusing on myself and my journey. And whoever needs what I had to share will find me. 

Look at your life. Are you holding on to a situation that is no longer serving you. Have you been calling in something new in your life? It may be waiting to come through. Doesn’t mean we can’t love these people. But you have to love and honor yourself and what you need. Creating boundaries and respecting yourself and what you need. Allows the universe to then bring in what you have been asking for. 

Looking for Others to Recognize You?

Photo by David Stenbeck @dovneon on instagram

Photo by David Stenbeck @dovneon on instagram

Tell you what you can do? What you can achieve? How can they when they don’t know who you truly are and what you can do? You are the only one who can determine that.

How do you expect others to recognize you if they don’t have the wisdom you have?

We see our reflection in others. There were time in my life when I wasn’t recognizing myself. It’s still something I bring awareness too. I knew what I had to offer, but I wasn't owning it. Seeing it in myself. Still giving away my power to those I loved around me. They saw beautiful things in me, but not the extent of my capacity and what I could do. I don’t need to follow a traditional or “safe” life in a corporate. I can say with confidence now that I’m not meant to. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a corporate life. That could be many people’s path and be very fulfilling. The thing we have to check in with is our internal compass and why we are doing something. Is it bringing joy? If not then we aren’t doing it for the right reason. For example - there are basketball players who love basketball so much and do it for the joy. Who are grateful. They are the ones that take time to sign autographs and give back. Then there are those who do it for the money or fame or because it makes their family “proud” of them. They are the ones that get lost in the image. Feel entitled to things because they “worked hard for it.” The resulting difference in true happiness inside is varied by these two examples. Not to judge as one way is good or bad. We all have done something of the sort in some area of our life. There is a difference in confidence and self worth and needing praise as validation. The person that is free in this scenario is doing this because it’s what they want to do. They are getting joy from this situation. Giving and Receiving.

The money will follow your true bliss. You will be cared for. Money is about flow. Allowing. Giving. And receiving. Not meant to control. Come from fear. Scarcity. Lack. There are millionaires and billionaires who are still poor. There are people who make money, but keep having to buy more things so they always remain poor. I saw this in corporate too. Saw managers wanting to keep the people in sales “hungry” by telling them to buy these big cars and houses once they got a large paycheck so their money would be gone again. There’s no judgment. You can have whatever you want. But do it for you. Not for others or for validation. I recently sold all of my designer things that I felt were controlling me. Things I had, but weren’t bringing me happiness. I only kept the pieces that I wasn’t attached too and if it got taken or I lost it I wouldn’t care. I realized I was so attached to a Chanel bag. Worrying about the logistics of traveling with it and leaving it behind. It was a symbol of my “hardwork” in corporate. I had always wanted a Chanel bag loving fashion growing up. But when I had it I felt like I should feel more happiness inside. But I felt nothing. It’s a pretty purse. Good quality. But I thought I should feel something more. I had always thought this would be the one thing I would keep forever. It was a surprise to me when I realized this was why I had to get rid of it. I didn’t want it controlling me. Am I saying I will never get Chanel or designer things again. I don’t know. I’m just releasing all attachment to things. I don’t want anything to own me. I will get something if I like it because I like it. But never become attached. This isn’t hate on designer things. I still have designer items. I like things that are good quality and will last. That are sustainable. But I’m not attached to it. If a Chanel purse really brings you joy then get it. Not telling everyone to get rid of things. But this bag was just a symbol really. It didn’t make me happy. As I cleaned out my closet I kept only the things that brought me joy - not because of what others would think but because I liked it. I got rid of things based on whether it did something for me instead of being based on is this a good investment or this purse is better etc.

Do it for you.

If something is owning you then you’re not free. If there are scarcity and lack programs then they will always exist no matter how much money you make. If you’re able to do work on it now - you’ll change the course of your life. To overcome this misconceptions will heal you from the inside out and allow you to creste a healthy relationship with money. You deserve whatever you want. You don’t have to be ashamed to want things or to be comfortable. It doesn’t mean you’re not a good person. It’s time to eliminate this frame of mind. This judgement on ourself and others. We need to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves how we want others to treat us. We are not meant to hoard and hold onto. It’s a reflection of not letting go of something inside. We don’t need things to prove our worth. They never will prove it to us. We are worthy because we are. I’m sorry that society made you believe that you had to do something to be worthy. You don’t need to do anything. You are worthy because you exist. Money, status, fame doesn’t prove it. And it will never achieve it for you unless you believe it inside. When you do believe it inside you will attract to you things that prove it in your reality because it resonates with your internal beliefs. But it’s about the inside matching the outside. Life is a mirror. Within and without. As above so below. 

Xo Jess 

Be a Spiritual Scientist

True spirituality is being a scientist.


It is about using discernment.

Testing out and experiencing different modalities to find ones that have proven effects for you. As humans we have limited technology in this time that we rely on. Much of what is released and study is with agenda of who is paying for it and promoting it. Studies that are backed by companies. It’s important that you stay curious and do your research. Always see what works for you. I’ve done my own studies of many modalities. I’ve have found “spiritual healing practices” used by many different practitioners all explaining the same thing in different ways and all of these having massive effects beyond what our “proven science” tells us. When I see this - that for me is common sense. That for me is what works. Why would I spend time doing something else when this works? Taking drugs for symptoms when I can get to the core of what needs to be healed. That is why spirituality is true science for me because it goes to the core. It does add a patch. A medication. Give it a label as a disease to mitigate - to live with. Instead they see what we have done to create the disease. What belief. It gives us back our power. I have seen people heal anything you could imagine. I have seen people overcome their own limiting beliefs to achieve their goals in health, wealth, and love. Life is simple - we are the ones that complicate it by trying to think and be “clever.” To do the “logical” thing. I used to be like that. Conceptualizing things and doing “the smart” or “right thing”. But the smart of right thing can be hijacked. It is all just an opinion at the end of the day. The brain is like a computer and it can argue anything. It depends on the level your vibrating at. What information you have available to you. Many laws of the past were doing the right thing. Or the good thing as far as their perception, but we look back at it today asking “how could one do that.” Well it was because they were doing their best with the information they had. Everyone is. It’s best to ask yourself how do you feel. Do you feel that something is wrong inside, but you’re doing it because you’re “supposed to” or it “makes sense”? This is something that we have to consistently check in on internally because we are so programmed. 95% of what we do is subconscious, so how can we say we are relying on the brain and what studies say when our actions and findings are mostly subconscious? We all have to seek out practices that clear this. That put us back in the drivers seat of our life. For when we are clearing out our computer cache per say of these programs. Restarting at the factory settings of birth. Then we can have a clear field to stay curious and really see what is right for us. And not hold judgement that someone else may choose something different that is right for them. We see the bigger picture and we move out of duality and see that there are so many options. Not just the ones that have been “presented.”

What is right for you?

How I Changed My Life


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The subconscious is a crazy beautiful thing. Did you know most of the population is only operating at 1% concious behavior. 3-5% for the more awakened. 97-99% are subconscious beliefs that were ingrained before the age of 7. That means most of your beliefs that you are living now were locked in by 6. What if you could reset your factory settings to become whole brained? Make sure you are not sabotaging yourself or programming yourself unintentionally for disease or aliments. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

With PSYCH-K you can. After getting my advanced certification my life will never be the same. We are able to identify things conciously, but do you believe the same subconsciously? I was shocked to find some beliefs my subconscious was holding against myself. After balancing for these - I cured myself of seasonal allergies. I’ve had allergies since the age of 7. When I arrived in NYC last week I was feeling sick from all the pollen. Couldn’t breathe well on the plane or at night when I was trying to sleep. Was inflamed. After reprogramming, the next day I had perfectly clear breathing. No medication involved. For the first time in my life since I was a kid, I’m taking no allergy medicine. My system isn’t attacking myself anymore 🤯. Mine is one of many stories, and the people I’m working with have their own stories that blow me away everyday. Through PSYCH-K we can talk directly to the subconscious and give you back your power. Put you in the drivers seat. Modern medicine is great, but most times they are only focused on treating the symptoms. Not the core beliefs of why the system is attacking itself. That is why we have so many unexplained diseases. Increases in cancer. That’s why there is so much malfunctioning in the world because there is a malfunctioning in thinking. It gives you more compassion for everyone because everyone is operating at the level they know best through their lens of life.  Just think - you got this far in your life with a malfunctioning system- can you imagine life with everything at optimal settings? This is life with PSYCH-K.

Video on the effects of reprogramming the mind: https://youtu.be/eB-vh6VWdcM

Loving All Aspects of Self


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

- Gandi

This saying always resonated with me, but now it resonates on an incredibly deeper level. As we come back to sayings again and again we start to understand them in a new way. As our perspectives change we can understand them from a different view point.

Through massive shifts in my life that made me question everything, I realized it was time for me to turn inward. This saying by Gandi is now repeating back to me what I have learned - the only way to make a change in the world is to heal yourself. If something is triggering us on the outside it is because there is an aspect of us that it resonates with. I talk about how the energy of “resonance” works in my podcast episode coming out next week.

I have spent most of my life as a support system to all of those around me. I have a wonderful family and supportive friends. And I, like many, have grown up with this notion of needing to be there for everyone else. Of needing to fix things. Go out and make change in the world. 

The most important thing we can do though is to go inside. Love ourselves. When did loving yourself become selfish? Why is there so much shame around this. Around saying this? It’s the most loving thing we can do. If we cannot love and honor ourselves for who we truly are. All aspects of self. Then how can we love others? If we cannot love our shadow aspects, the part of us that we were told to reject then we will continue to see things in duality. Good vs. bad. Us vs. them. Worthy vs. unworthy. All of these beliefs are stored in the subconscious. It’s little things like this that lead to hate, judgement, wars, and killings. That lead to judgment and persecution. That lead to numbing ourselves to the world around us. Because if we can ignore ourselves. Not give love to ourselves. Judge ourselves. Not have compassion for ourselves. Then of course we can do it to others.  

The best thing we can all do for ourselves and the planet is to heal ourselves. Be the parent that we each needed. We are seeking love from ourselves, but keep on neglecting ourselves and telling ourselves that it isn’t important. Do you hear that little girl or little boy inside of you calling for your attention?

I’ve started keeping track of my dreams and shared this channeled message I received in an Instagram post recently. The message I received was:

“The love we all seek is self love. We are all trying to get back to the unconditional love from source that we all felt before coming here. That we know to be true. Yes, we choose to experience love in relationships. But, knowing we are source is the main love we are trying to get back to.”

The most important work I ever did was going inside. Getting back to who I was. Integrating all the aspects of myself I had neglected. Going inside and remembering who I was. Who I was when I was born. Getting back to myself. It was by going inside that I found myself again. That I freed myself. That I gave myself permission to do what lights me up. To bring joy to myself. And by filling myself up, I am now able to fill others up in an even better way than before. It’s like the airplane safety analogy of putting on your oxygen mask before you put the oxygen mask on your child. We all have these great innate gifts. By going inside we remember and realize what brings us joy. What lights us up is how we can also serve others. If you don’t know where to start. What do with your life. Going inside and getting back to yourself. Starting to follow your heart again is the first step.

Your feelings are valid. You have your feelings for a reason. The time of running from them is gone. It’s the way to truly heal.

I am here sharing what has worked for me and others. Sharing my story and my voice. As I eliminate the false fear programming I integrate more aspects of self everyday. I watched a video the other day on my Lumurian sister’s channel called Children of the Cosmos. She talked about sharing your authenic truth. She said how not speaking up about what you believe in whether it’s your spiritual practice or whatever core beliefs that you know to be true - how you are still running a fear program. It could be fear of judgment from your peers. Co-wokers. Family. People on the internet. All of this is fear. Us not living our authentic truth. If you’re reading this – this was the sign you have been waiting for. Share your authentic truth. It’s what you came here to do and you wouldn’t be honoring yourself or others who are waiting to hear this message by not sharing. It doesn’t mean you have to scream it in the streets, or force others to believe your truth. But just to stand in your truth. Not live half lives with different people. We can live in a world where we can choose to believe different things and accept each other. To know that we are each sovereign beings and have love for each other. We are each seeing things from our own level of understanding. And when your perspective shifts so does your view.

I’m now planning on doing a podcast on my spiritual journey because I really haven’t shared the whole thing yet. Just to select groups. I realized I wan’t looking at this aspect. There may be people telling you not to share. It doesn’t mean they are not speaking with compassion, but they are just sharing what frightens them. Taking our power back means doing what we believe in without putting the power in other’s hands. Taking responsibilities for all of our choices. Not blaming those around us, but having compassion for where they are at. Being curious. Being an observer. In past lives or current lives, we may have been prosecuted for sharing our truth. It’s time to heal the past with love. Know that you are safe and you are loved. By going inside and giving ourselves love - loving ourselves for all that we are - then we are able to share our truth no matter what because we know we love ourselves. That we are enough. We are not sharing for approval, but because it is who we are. Who we came here to be. You have infinite love inside of you. There is no bypassing this and just saying that everything is “love and light” like you may here in the spiritual community. The only way to integrate is by doing our own shadow work. If you’re interested in methodologies around this you can go to my about page where I share what has worked for me. 

 Know you have beautiful guides all around you supporting you. Your ancestors. Your tribe. I’m sending all of you infinite love, support and compassion for wherever you are. You are at the perfect place and where you are is where you are meant to be. Be easy on yourself. Life is truly magic when we choose to see it.

Xo Jess

When My Career Collapsed My Dream Career Came True


If you would have talked to me a couple years ago I would have considered myself:

  • A hardworker

  • A go getter

  • Defined myself off of my successful career in tech and making 6 figures in my 20s

  • I always considered myself a positive person. Liked yoga and was kind of into meditation, but wouldn’t consider myself “super spiritual”. If you mentioned something about astrology or anything of this nature I would roll my eyes

  • Considered myself practical and that it lead to my success

I thought a career of climbing the corporate ladder was success. But when I saw that it didn’t matter how successful you were by whatever “measurements” a company held. That integrity and authenticity wasn’t always something that was recognized and could actually be perceived as a threat. People would rather do something safe even though it wasn’t best for the customers, employees and company because they would rather do something that they could perceivably “control.” That was “safe.”

That was when I hit my rock bottom.

After 7 years in a career I thought was going to be my life — I couldn’t see a way happily forward in this career path. The career path I had defined myself off of. God bless the people who “tormented” me because they became my saving grace to take my power back. I only send them the best. I do not share this to gossip or complain, but to show you that no matter where you are, or what situation you are in, you can overcome it.

There are two sides to every story and I’m sure they were acting in a way that they thought they were protecting themselves when in reality they were only hurting themselves. Acting from lack. Fear. Control. This is a whole nother story I could get into around the atmospheres many companies create. (Listen to my podcast with Erin Claire, Forbes featured Human Design reader, for more on this).

My awakening through this situation made me realize I had given my power and validation away to the matrix. To everything around me. I am very discerning with 5 planets in Capricorn, I don’t give my validation away to just anyone ;). But I gave it away to external measures of success. My mom raised me off of intrinsic motivation. There was no payment or gifts for good grades. It was for internal appreciation of self. But even when you are intrinsically motivated — there are still other ways you may be controlled that you’re blind to.

Life wanted to teach me that the only person I needed validation from was myself. After I overcame this situation. Stayed positive through the help of friends, co-workers and some angels in the form of new friends that came into my life — life started to shift my perspective. I got back to myself. Started doing things that filled me up. Had the best and most fun adventurous summer of my life. I started filling myself up. Allowing life to fill me up and not place it on accolades from a career or external sources. One of my close friends encouraged me to start a fashion blog because I had always loved fashion, but never pursued it because my upbringing showed me traditional success couldn’t come through this medium. That pursuing the arts was “silly”. You’d be “poor”. All of this lack mentality. Labels. Fear. Control.

I started my blog on the side and got so much joy that I stayed up late at night and on weekends to work on it. 6 months later this lead me to being connected to an iconic designer who saw the potential in me and offered me to manage and represent her. This was the universe giving me the green light to move forward and giving me encouragement to follow my heart. A couple months prior, I had my first astrology reading (this person came highly recommend by a group of people I trust) and found out from my astrologist I was going through this thing called a “Saturn return” where your life gets flipped upside down basically. It’s always for the better, but can be a hard time if you decide to fight it instead of see the beauty in the lessons it shares with us. I walked out of that astrology reading in a sense of wonder. This astrologist was also an intuitive medium. I had been to other perceived psychics for fun with friends and left with the feeling of vague words that didn’t fully resonate (As a side note- going to psychics isn’t something I recommend. Only go to people you highly research and can trust — as the co-creator of your life you only need people who empower you not determine your fate and create co-dependency). Anyways, back to the Astrology. In this session, she told me things only my closest family members could have known about my past. And things she told me about what I was going through and what I was going to go through that couldn’t have been told by anyone, but I felt in my gut the validity of what she was saying. The understanding and the acceptance for who I was. To stop trying to be like everyone else and to be myself.

The best thing you can do for yourself is let go of what everyone else is telling you. People give us advice from their heart, but it’s blocked by all of their life experiences. Ego. Limitations they have experienced. It is also shaded by what’s good for them. It’s rare that someone can give you unbiased advice with complete detachment of what could be good for you.

We’re all unique beings and when we can truly see this and respect it we can transcend all labels.

When we can see that we are all on unique and beautiful paths, then we can stop trying to be like each other and shine without a second thought. Roses all bloom without thoughts of shrinking or lessening themselves. Even if you are in a similar field to someone else, you will do it in a unique way that only YOU can do it. When we can stop competing, and start working together, we will all win.

Whether you believe in astrology or not- if you’re feeling lost and looking for some advice on how to get inspiration for a step to get back to yourself (career wise) you can look at your 10th house or mid-heaven which is what they call it in astrology. Do it for fun to get your creative juices flowing. You can go to cafeastrology.com and input your birth info to see your full chart. Google what your 10th house represents for career. My sun sign is Aquarius, but my Mid-heaven is Gemini which rules communication and partnerships. Partnership management was my specialty in tech and what got me to fashion. It’s what I can do now for my own business.

I started my podcast because I wanted to find a way to give back to anyone going through a perceived hard or dark time in their life. After what I had gone through I wanted everyone to know that nothing is holding you back.You can achieve whatever you want. And since the mind likes to see real life examples, I started to interview people from every field with all different backgrounds to show that we can all overcome the same things. That we all have the same “problems” or “perceived setbacks”, but when we set our mind on the fact that we ARE going to do something no matter what; then that is when we can get past all the things holding us back. I decided to start including people that could give us more tools to become more conscious humans in creating our reality. My podcast is called Reverie Vie: Create Your Reality — available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I started to interview others to help us clear out the subconscious because the subconscious can hold us back.

The ego can hold us back. I learned from Shaman Durek the truth of the ego. The ego isn’t bad, but it is there to protect us. It waits for us to tell it what to do. If we say that life is hard, or that life is always this way. It will create all these scenarios to prove us right. We are the actor and director of our life. So if we want a different reality we need to start editing our thoughts and producing it in a different way. I learned about this through Dr. Joe Dispenza as well 4 years ago through his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, where he has done much research on the topic. But I found reading and learning about these topics — I now take them in on a completely different level than I did when I first read them. I find that even when something is profound, it has an even greater meaning when we go back to it later because we have grown to perceive it in a new way as well. Dr. Joe Dispenza started his journey first by healing himself. There is also an amazing documentary about this on Netflix called “Heal” which I highly recommend.

Back to the subconscious, 90% of our beliefs are solidified by the age of 7. So much of our beliefs of what we can do and what is possible is solidified at such a young age. This is all determined by our surroundings and society. No blame or shame on family or society because they are all a product of their history and so on. But you have the chance to break the cycle for yourself and others. To be an example — a beacon of light. We can all succeed. I hope my story brings light to this.

I’m doing this now through my podcast and helping other to shift their perspectives. The best messages I get are when people send me a note telling me that I have changed their thoughts and perspectives. Opened their mind to a new way. That I’ve made a positive impact on their life. To me that is the greatest gift.

I’m starting something this year to help you in a more profound way, so stay tuned. You can subscribe on my website reverievie.com so you’re kept up to date when this releases.

Sending everyone so much love on your journey whatever stage you are in. If you’re at a tough point right now- it’s life pushing you to take the next step to receive what you’ve been asking for. Life will continue to push us because it only wants the best for us. Know that you are the light and getting back to what lights you up is the key to self discovery. For inspiration, look at your midheaven in astrology whether you believe in astrology or not. Not because this is the only thing you can do in your life, but it can spark ideas for you. Start doing things for fun. Think of 6 impossible things before breakfast like Shaman Durek told me which he got from Alice and Wonderland. I created a pdf sharing How to Change Your Career in 5 Easy Steps. You get this when you subscribe to my newsletter. But really, all you have to do is start. Stay curious and open. Think about what you would do all day long, but think no one would pay you for. Think about something that everyone in your life always comes to you for.

Sending everyone love. Comment and let me know a profound change you’ve gone through in your life.

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Xo Jess

Reflecting on 2018

2018 taught me sometimes you need to go backwards to go forward.

I like to spend the new year reflecting back on the year. The ups and downs. Everything I’m grateful for. You don’t need a new year to start over. But it’s symbolic and allows for a collective change. 
Things I learned in 2018.

  • How to let go. Someone wise shared with me the saying “Trust and the net will catch you”, which helped me make a choice in a difficult time.

  • Let life surpris you- I never knew I would end my year in Paris. But sometimes life has a different plan for you that’s better than you could have imagined.

  • That friends can be angels in your life.

  • That a location can teach you so much- moving to LA I have met so many people that share my same passions and have opened my mind up to greater things. So happy for everything I have learned and excited for what the new year will bring.

  • Everything this year hasn’t been easy. Things moved slower than I had hoped many times. It can be hard as a planner and a go getter. But it allowed me to go back and learn some lessons I still needed to learn, and reflect on things I needed.

2018 taught me that sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward. What lesson are you grateful for that 2018 taught you?

Why The Tech Industry Isn't What You Think

Ever wonder what a career in the Tech Industry really looks like? Many don't know these roles that exist, or have stereotypes around who these roles are made for. We talk about some of the barriers to entry, and how we can overcome these. I dig in deep with the CEO of the National SSE, Yvette Edwards, who also happens to be my mom. You'll see how she inspires me, and a tribute to my grandparents (her parents) who risked it all to escape communism. Twice.

Here it all in our Podcast Episode Here. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wear-to-work/id1435407968?mt=2#episodeGuid=Buzzsprout-883142

If you enjoy it, please rate and review. Also, share with anyone that you think may benefit from this episode. We do this to expand the options of roles available to all. Start a dialog for change. Would love to hear what you think.

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My Mom’s Parents - My Grandparents

My Mom’s Parents - My Grandparents

Yvette Edwards and Jess Lynn (Mom and Me)

Yvette Edwards and Jess Lynn (Mom and Me)

How To Pack A Carry On For Holiday Travel

5 Cities and 1 Carry on. Not my typical packing situation. We were going to Mykonos, Santorini and London for my good friend’s birthday. Between these Europeans cities there was going to be a lot of plane changing and even traveling by water on some ferries between islands. I was talking to my friend about how much luggage she was bringing and she said she was only going to bring a carry on. No checked bags for an 11 day vacation to Europe is not my typical M.O. She said I was free to check a bag, but she wasn’t waiting for me if my baggage got lost. Ha. Said in a joking, but serious manner of course. ;). I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of lugging around a ton of bags either between cities. We all know how fun that is. And when you’re traveling with a large group, you’re at the mercy of other people’s schedules.

Not only were we going to these 3 cities in Europe, but I was traveling to Chicago first to meet with my friend. Then we would go together to NYC to leave from there to London. Therefore, I had a few extra days to pack for…

Here are my tips.

1.    Get a good multi purpose suitcase! I’m in love with the new Away luggage. This isn’t an advertisement for them, but I’ve found their luggage to be not only affordable, but great for packing. They also come with portable chargers which is great when you’re on the go and always have a phone that is dying (why is my battery always almost dying anyway?). They have a couple different compartments and bags to also pack toiletries or smaller personal items.
2.    Roll Roll Roll!!!! Rolling has been the best number 1 trick that has allowed me to pack almost double. Rather than lying your clothes flat. Learn to roll. There are YouTube tutorials galore. But rolling your clothes allows you to fit in everything you want.
3.    Mix and Match. Pack items that you can mix and match. Skirts, pants, tops – that can create different looks together. Also, jewelry is my secret to changing up and elevating a look. If you’re interested in how you can change a look in these ways – comment below and I’ll do a separate post. 
4.    Do Laundry. If you’re going to be gone for a while and going to different cities you can re-wear some items and do laundry. I packed one outfit that I would always wear on the planes since we had so many different flights. You can ask your hotel, or if you’re staying at an Airbnb – if you can do your laundry. 
5.    Plan all your outfits in advance. This is key to packing light. I can be like everyone else and want to pack options in case I change my mind that day. You have to get serious with yourself though. We all have items of clothing that we never wear, but think – oh I’ll wear it on this vacation. Then pack it, and still don’t wear it. Try on all your outfits before you leave! Take pictures in your phone of you wearing them and create an album of what outfits you’ll wear on what days. This will help you to avoid bringing things you won’t wear by trying it all on together before hand. You’ll be able to see if your still as into that dress for this vacation as you were thinking before. This takes some time, but it will all be worth it. I changed my mind a couple times, but wound up finally deciding on the keys pieces I wanted to bring. Our trip had each day planned which made me know in advanced which outfits I would need to bring. Luckily, a lot of it was spending time in a bathing suit in Greece which makes packing light easier too. If you’re going on a trip that doesn’t have each day planned, then try to pack outfits that are multi-purpose. Also, consolidate those shoes! You’re not going to wear all those heels. Bring one pair for walking, one pair for dressing up, and then tennis shoes for working out or sandals if you’re heading to the beach. 

Do any of you have any tips that work for you when traveling? Let me know which tip was the most helpful for you, and if you’re going to try any of these for your next vacation. Also, feel free to share with any of your friends who are planning their next big trip soon, but need some help packing!

Bon Voyage!

Jess x

This is the Number 1 Sign It’s Time To Change Careers

I was 28 years old and working in tech. I had skyrocketing up the ladder putting my life into my work. It wasn’t an easy feat as most of my peers were in their 40s and had worked their life to get to this same point in their career. It was at this point in my life when I realized I couldn’t see this as my future anymore.

I don’t mean any disrespect as everyone has a different timeline in life. Everyone has different priorities in life. For some, it is a steady job for their family or flexibility to live their own life. When I started in the corporate world I had an amazing mentor who was a VP at the company. He believed in young achievers. He had children himself and many daughters, so he was a big advocate of mentoring young talent. He wasn’t stuck in his old ways. Would call and ask for opinions. As a 22 year old out of college I thought I had no opinions to offer. I was shy and grateful to have a job at a great company. I had some internship experience, but I didn’t think I had thoughts of value yet to offer a VP. But luckily, he did see what I couldn’t see in myself. When we spoke he would ask me my opinions. He would ask about different strategies I may have learned in school or case studies I may have read. I learned that I did have something to offer. I had a unique point of view that wasn’t tainted by process or groupthink.

It was starting off in this way that made me realize I had ideas of value. We all do. As I grew farther in my career though, I realized some companies don’t want your ideas. Some bosses want you to follow protocol and process. It’s how they were raised to see how a company functions. There are many different view points. This was one that did not feel right to me. It’s important to check in and see what is right for you.

What’s a top indicator that a space isn’t built for growth?

No safe space for failure.

Making no safe space for failure is the number 1 indicator it’s time to leave. There really is no such thing as failure. Failure is from a mindset, an opinion that may not be able to see the whole picture of what is being created. What is really going on behind the scenes. Instead we want to stay in a curious mindset. See everything as an indictor getting us closer to what we want to create. Seeing everything as gifts of growth. If you are looking for innovation, a mindset that looks for the known is not for you. Today, many companies have broken cultures. It’s the ones that are solving for this that are growing and will continue to grow.

I understand for many corporations it’s about scale. But I see increased “processes” in corporations lead to mediocrity. I don’t mean when it comes to things like finance and accounting, or best practices. But for skills that thrive on creativity and new approaches. For example roles like sales, partnerships, communication, and marketing to name a few. If some people can do something better and faster using their own method you should let them. Don’t stifle innovation. My mom is my greatest influence. She encouraged my innovation from a young age and always treated my thoughts with respect.

I had a wake up call at 28 that I was doing this for all the wrong reasons. I was making great money, but I wasn’t happy anymore. I used to love my job, but the culture was not resonating with me. I had to stop and ask myself: “Why am I doing something that I’m not even sure I love?”

I had always been in love with the arts from a young age. I loved to always create and think outside of the box. This is when I realized I had started to change myself too much to be who a company wanted me to be. If a company doesn’t celebrate unique differences and you lose yourself. It’s time to stop and think. Nothing is worth losing who you are. Instead it’s time we wake up to seeing there is innate value in different traits. Teams that are more diverse (via gender, culture, etc.) wind up making companies more prosperous.

Everything in my life had to happen how it did for me to get to this point in my life. I had to learn the skills I learned in Tech to allow me to then transition to what I am doing now. I now have the experience of working with Fortune 500 companies in the tech industry. I know how to grow partnerships. Life lesson are priceless if we pay attention. If you’re graduating college and reading this, my wish is that you learn from my experience. If you’re well into your career now, my greatest wish for you is to realize it is never too late. Now is the time in your life when you can make a change. If you’re in a company whose culture doesn’t value differences. Whose culture doesn’t have a supportive atmosphere for failure. Then these are the key signs that this company isn’t innovating. It’s burying the problems and is not learning to fail fast, so it can get on to succeeding. Wishing you all the best in your journeys and would love to hear your personal stories.

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I recently did an Ask Me Anything on Changing Your Career. Below are some of the questions I received and answers I gave.

You can check out the full AMA here.

But here are some snippets..

When looking for a new career path, what is the most important thing to be taken into consideration?


Hi Mitch,

Great question. It’s asking yourself what is the most important to you. Is it doing somethign you love, making a certain salary, having flexbility in work? For me it was doing somethign that I was passionate about, and being able to use my skills to go off on my own. What is most important is going to be different to everyone. Making a list of what matters most would be the first step. Then starting to find careers that fit into what hits your top list.

What is the best advice you can give someone that is considering changing careers?

Thanks for your question. I would say to start to look at why you want to leave your current career. Make a list of what your ideal role would be. Then start by finding roles that fit your list. Enlist your network in helping you out once you find out what it is that you want to do. You never know who may have access to careers, experience or contacts that may be of interest. A lot can be your extended network or friends of friends  that may be able to connect you with someone who can help to you to transition.

How hard was it for you to start again from zero? What would you have done differently?


Hi Ena,

Thanks for your questions. It wasn’t as hard as most people would think. I dont believe you ever start at zero. Any expereince you have an one career can be applied and transfered to a different industry. I believe it’s taking what you know and using that to slowly transition into your next career.

What age is too late for one to change careers?


Great question.

It’s never too late! That’s the number 1 thing I’d love to share with everyone. Throughout history people have changed careers late in life. Martha Stewart was a wall street trader and wrote her first book in her 40’s which then lead to her domestic success. Vera Wang became a fashion designer in her 40s. Charles Darwin was 50 years old before he published his findings that made him famous today. I believe all skills transfer. It’s about passion, drive, and believing in yourself to take the chance. Much success!

Did you ever fear that you won’t be successful in your new career?


Of course. There are always fears and risk. I was told if it doesn’t scare you, then you shouldn’t do it. Use discomfort as your radar. You have to get uncomfrotable to get comfortable again. Your tolerance expands overtime and success becomes more rewarding. Success isn’t absent of failure, but it is not giving up in the face of it. Everyone is going to fail, but it is the ones who don’t give up and keep going that ultimately succeed.

Is it uncommon for people in their 20’s to change careers?


I think many people may change jobs, but not careers. In most cases, when people have a feeling of being “invested” in any career - that they have spent time, effort and money in – they feel that they cannot change. Anytime people invest- they feel the cost of change means they lost out on everything they invested in. There is a term in economics called “sunk cost” that describes this. We can use the example of standing in line at a grocery store, say there is a long line that you have been waiting in it. But then another line seems to be going faster- you could either hop lines and go next or you could continue to wait in your line even though it is going slower but feel you have to stay in the slow line because you have already invested so much time in waiting. In life many get scared about wasted time. It’s about changing this mindset. I dont believe there is a such thing as wasted time and effort because I believe all skills transfer.

My Trip to Saint Petersburg

I had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year in Zara Arshakian’s hometown of Saint Petersburg. Her family and friends welcomed me and showed me what the city had to offer. I was blown away by the beautiful European architecture, history and normalcy of everyday life. I loved how cultured the city was and how there was such a focus on the arts and music. I wanted to share it with you as I was experiencing the city for the first time. See below for my entire trip.

Second video is how we celebrated the New Year in traditional Saint Petersburg and Armenian style ;). Cheers!

xx Jess

My Visit to Istanbul and Cappadocia

I had an amazing adventure in Turkey experiencing the diverse and rich cutlure. I was able to visit both Istanbul and Cappadocia. I say it was an adventure because two days after we entered the country they stopped giving visas to America’s due to increased tensions between the US and Turkey. Luckily, we were okay to safely stay and still enjoy the country. One of our tour guides was joking with us saying we were famous “as the last American’s in Turkey ;).” 

The people of Turkey were very kind and welcoming to us. Istanbul is a large metropolitan city with diversity in every aspect. It is beyond any stereotype you may mention. We also visited the kind owner of Yoruk Collection. They employ a jewelry designer who has created jewelry for many of the Hollywood movies like Lord of the Rings and The Other Boleyn Girl.

Below is snapshot of my trip.


X Jess

How Kelvin Harris Is Designing For All


Kelvin, Chicago Fashion Designer, discusses how Chicago differs from other fashion markets. How he got into the fashion industry, his advice for designers just starting out, and how he designs for different body types!

Here are his sites:


Check out our interview below. Let us know your thoughts and tips you have for those trying to get into fashion designs!

CS Magazine Release Party - What You Do Matters


CS Magazine held a great event for the release of their August issue. Was great to meet with other innovators and creators of the city. Love the innovation and energy Chicago has to offer. Was an honor to share in inspiring moments. Everything we do. Everywhere we go has a chance to shape us and those around us. What you do matters. There is nothing too small. This world wouldn’t be the same without you. xo


No Fast Fashion and Fast Food: A Story of 3.1 Phillip Lim’s CEO’s Rise to Success

I had the wonderful opportunity to see the CEO of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Wen Zhou, speak. When I read her bio about how she was an immigrant from China who had built herself from the ground up – I could understand her story was one of a strong women who had defied the odds. I didn’t realize though how charming and inspiring she was going to be. She uses her humor and light heartedness to get her through the hard times.  My grandfather is an immigrant from China, so I could already relate to her story.

Hearing stories of other success, helps us to realize there is no straight line or path to follow. You must build a clearing where there is no path if you want to accomplish something truly unique. Something that has never been done before.

I got to soho house early for her talk, and sat in the front of course. She came in with a lovely red blouse of 3.1 Phillips Lim’s own design of course, and boyfriend style jeans with zippers on the sides. She wore a white jacket over her shoulders as well.

Early life

Wen Zhou then spoke of her life and how she got to where she was today, while also discussing her opinions of the current fashion marketplace. Wen grew up in a small village in China. Food like eggs were an extravagance not available in her village. It was something that was had on ones birthday as they were a rarity. When her parents wanted to move to the US for a better life, they were able to convince her when they told her she would be able to have eggs everyday for breakfast. An idea she couldn’t imagine.

Moving to the US

Her family then moved the US. Wen talks about how she worked in the factories sewing in her early teens. She then moved on to work at McDonalds. She was such an efficient mathematician at the register that she was able to speed through customers at such a pace that increased their sales tremendously. Due to this skill, she was  promoted to assistant manager and then manager quickly. She then wound up hiring all of her Chinese friends from the sewing factories that she knew were good at math. She put the quick people in the front to man the registers and the slower people in the back to man other things like cleaning up. Their McDonalds then became the most profitable in NYC. This just shows her ingenuity from a young age. She then went into working at a private company selling materials to fashion brands. She again became the best, had the most sales, but then when a male new hire came into the company- she realized she was being paid half of what he was making. When she asked the mangers, they said it was because “he had a family to support.” Wen, decided to leave and start her own business due to the connections she had made, and the fashion brands who trusted her exclusively. She was able to leave and start her own company with the support of her customers because of the trust they had in her.

"Never work with people who are assholes" 

Wen’s advice is to never work with people who are assholes. She said the most important thing is to create good relationships. She then went on to meet Phillip Lim, they wound up partnering together and the rest is history. When trying to name the brand, they started throwing around different ideas. They were both 31 at the time, but they decided to add a dot in the middle due to the internet boom at the time. There was the creation of 3.1 Phillip Lim.

"Their motto is 'no fast fashion and no fast food' in order to create a more sustainable world."

3.1 Phillip Lim was built off of the idea of craftsmanship fashion that was affordable. Their moto is “no fast fashion and no fast food” in order to create a more sustainable world. Phillip and Wen have also gone back to their roots in China to create jobs in nice factories that pay well. They have supported a whole village by opening a factory. The people in this town put love and care into the clothes. They take pride in their work because Wen and team take care of them. Wen and Phillip go back to China to visit the factory often. They do this to help the economy of China, and gives them joy to give back to where they have come from.

“Think of your career as a jungle gym, not a ladder, because otherwise you’ll always be starting at someone’s ass.”

Wen had great advice for daily life as well. She said her family has eliminated talk of first world problems. For example, they don’t spend time complaining to each other about how their uber was late that day or they had to wait in line at the grocery store. Life is too short to focus on these small inconveniences. People always ask her how she makes time for family, career (being CEO) and life in general. She said you can fit it all in. Don’t try to be perfect or a helicopter parent. Also, to take 15 mins a day to your self. She will lay down in a quite space for 15 minutes of peace to rejuvenate each day. Her final piece of advice was how we should think of our career as a jungle gym, not a ladder, because otherwise you’ll always be staring at someones ass. 

That quote shows her sense of humor and joyous attitude she takes in her everyday life. You can tell she doesn’t take life or herself too seriously, which seems to be the secret.

We were able to attend a trunk show afterwards where I was able to pick up some great pieces. 3.1 Phillip Lim has become a new favorite brand of mine. The heart and intent of their company is very pure. They are looking to make better fashion, bring back craftsmanship, and add unique details to the everyday essentials. They believe great fashion should still be affordable and they are proving it through their brand.