Jess Lynn

Jessica Lynn created Reverie Vie to shine the light on the life that could be possible for everyone should they choose it.

“We are all unique beings, and here to shine in our own way.” - Jessica

“My journey has been one of magic and synchronicities”

Jessica realized the biggest thing holding people back from pursuing their dreams was their awareness of what was possible for them. They were not able to create something from their conditioned mindset and perceptions. In order to change their reality - they must first change their perception. Her mission is to bridge the gap and reflect back the ability we have to create the life we want.

Jessica facilitates people’s connection back to their true self. She uses her knowledge and training in subconcious reprogramming and energetics.

Jessica offers reprogramming sessions. She also shares free content via her podcast Create Your Reality which she is host and creator of. She shares her own experiences on how she has manifested and created abundance in her own life. How she embarked on her own self-healing journey and return to self. For it’s the true return to self that allows us to get in touch with what it really is that we want. The return to self is the greatest gift of all, and this journey back to self is what Jessica is most grateful for.

Jessica thanks all of you for being on this journey with her. This won’t be possible without each of you. She looks forward to connecting with you and welcomes you to the community of empowerment.

“We are the leaders of our life, and it’s an honor to show you your own power within.” x Jessica

Jess’ mission is to increase awareness of the life that is possible for everyone through her podcast.  

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Jessica shares tools on how to put the power back in your hands. How to decondition from the stories we have been programmed to believe in society. The podcast shares knowledge so you can see what you believe. See what is possible. Make a decision for yourself and create the life that is best for you.

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Reverie Vie is the feeling of living your dreams


Creator of the Create Your Reality Podcast

Featured Speaker at Xavier University

Featured in Chicago Scence Magazine