Jess Lynn created the Reverie Vie agency to represent creatives who are changing the
world through their art.

The Reverie Vie Agency represents legendary fashion designer
and OBE awardee, Barbara Hulanicki.

Jess started her career in tech. She had risen to the top of her tech company, but felt disconnected to herself. She saw a lot of things wrong in the corporate sphere, and felt it was time to make a difference. That is when Jess realized her life was pushing her in a more authentic direction

Jess first started blogging at the suggestion of a close friend. Reverie Vie was a passion project for Jess’ love of fashion and self-empowerment. It has now turned into a platform for those who want to detangle themselves and live their lives without limits.

Jess’ mission is to increase awareness of the life that is possible for everyone through her podcast.  

Jess also pinpointed the issue leading to gender disparity. Jess realized many women didn’t know the variety of roles available to them because they were seen as masculine. Also, taking this further - our world’s broken view of the divine feminine. Even women succeeding think to succeed they have to adopt “male traits”. There is wisdom in the feminine. In servant leadership. In care. In empathy. In emotional intelligence. Men getting in touch with this as well will only help improve career landscape and the world. Jess decided to create the podcast Reverie Vie: Create Your Reality to empower other to start living the life of their dreams. She does this by interviewing other just like you who have accomplished their dreams. Plus she helps to provide you with the tool to do this for yourself.
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Reverie Vie is about living your dream life, whatever that may be. No glass ceilings here!


Agent to Barbara Hulanicki
Styled Zara Arshakian and Andris Dzeguze Shoot

Spoke at Xavier University’s Women’s Day Panel
Attended Glamour Women of the Year 2017

New York Fashion Week Attendee
Featured in Chicago Scence Magazine